Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Scribblings #199 - Yes (10 minute timed writing)

crawl out of bed
strip the sheets
stumble in the shower
towel off.
throw on some clothes.
avoid the mirror.
Walk back to the bed stand.
Pick up the worn prayer card.
Stick it in the bible, place it firmly on the bookshelf.
Revisit the closet.
Shimmy out of the grey sweat pants.
Slide into that purple dress.
Shake it in front of the mirror. Yes.
Grab an umbrella and strut on out of there.
Drink up the rain. Don't drown in it.
Splash out there until you find someone else who is lonely too.
Practice togetherness again.


  1. That's what it takes, doesn't it...being willing to conquer self-absorbed comfortable solitude for the sake of someone else and in doing so discover how much you needed them. Great Idea.

  2. "Practice togetherness again..."

    Lovely line and lovely advice. It's easy to isolate ourselves I think, harder to "splash out there."

    Since you like to write, check out Write On Wednesday, a weekly writing prompt found here:

  3. Someone told me one that the best way to achieve happiness is to add to other peoples lives. All it takes is a smile or a hello as you're walking down the street. Enjoyed your post.

  4. Yeah, this is brill! Loved the bit about avoiding the mirror!